Morphing mesh from one to another.

So I want to make some 3D morphing where one object transforms into the form of another. I figure shapekeys would be good for this.

  • I start with the default cube… this will be the “second” shape.
  • Add a Suzanne monkey head to the scene. This what I want to warp to become the cube.
  • To the new mesh, a shapekey (Basis).
  • I then add a new shape key (shape1) and go in to edit it so that it looks like the cube. (See next steps)
  • In EDIT mode of the new shape key, I expand the vertices to fit around the cube and then apply a shrinkwrap modifier so that it takes the shape of the cube.
  • Finally, I apply the modifier… no wait… apparently I can’t apply modifiers to shape keys.

Darn - anyone got a method which would work?

You can copy shape keys from one object to another (same number of vertices) so have a base object and then duplicate it to make the different shapes. You can then copy those back to the original as shapekeys

Sounds good Richard Marklew… I have my two mesh items, but how do you copy a shape key from one to the other?

Select the new shape object, shift select the original base object and use the Join as Shape option from the small triangle button


Perfect - thanks a lot man.