Morphing With Blender

Yeah! Indeed. Morphing with progresive alpha chanell works better than in Photoshop [alpha/transparency brushes]!

I tried this trick several times. One mankament is that you need to use aditionall application to join rendered layers in one image [f.e. The Gimp]

Use low densiny of Mist [0.2] with white/black sky at bg [turn on blend]

Insert f.e cube. Add mist. Turn on RGBA and set output to *.png or *.tga .

To make all operation easy place camera direct to your object [v90*, h 90*]!

Render it.

Now select all objects in your scene [a] and rotate it around your depth axis about 45*.

Render it .

Open both images in The Gimp and paste one of them as layer to second one.



It’s Blender not Photopaint!

Do you want tutorial?

sure why not i would love a tutorial to practise with