morphs w/i the game engine

Hello, everyone. I’m new here. Just learning about how to use Blender and it’s game engine. Got a couple of questions:

Is it possible to use morphs (vertix keys ipos) animation in the game engine? If so, then how? I triend to load it the same way as the regular ipo (per the Tube Cleaner tutorial in the Blender Game kit. Still don’t know how it works precisely. How does blender know which ipo curve to play? It seems to play whichever is currently selected in the datablock field in the ipo window. (circled in red ) But what if I want to assign different ipo curves to be executed when another button is pressed? how do I specify that?

So anyway, going back to the vertex animation. I made a little test file where a box both deforms and moves. If you push Alt+A it does both, but if you start the game and push the space key, it only moves, retaining its shape. It doesn’t matter whether the vertex animation is selected in the above screen or the object animation. (see: )

How do I fix this?

Thanks a bunch!

I believe you’re unable to use morphs (vertix keys ipos) in the game engine. You can either uses armatures to simulate the same effect or move vertexes with python during in game mode (quite expensive, computationally).

Jason Lin

Oh Dear! I was afraid of that.

Thank you very much for replaying. :slight_smile: