Morrigan aensland from Mel Milton Design

I love Mel Milton design. so i do 3d it!

Real Nice… I would though, advice you to add a bit more detail here and there to define body shapes… [Clothes, Hips, Breasts, Hands]

this is a really nice design. I like the silhouette, and the colors!

Really great model and render. Kudos!

It looks like you may have missed setting some of the meshes to render smooth, from what I can tell the hair, the boots and part of the outfit, unless that was intentional, but I doubt that. Great work though.

wow, nice character and pose. can’t wait to see more .

Nice job, Xada !! (C’est Xada de ?) You nicely respected the concept and the excecution so far is good !!
Have you planed to add thickness to some parts of her clothes ? For now, they look too thin in my opinion.

Good to see you on Blender. :slight_smile:


Thank you guys! Yes R6srider, it’s a wip…have to finish (hard for me!!! that’s why i escaped from finished projects section)
Thanks Safetyman and AndriV. hope i’ll do more!
albron, ben oui, le même! un petit bail que je blenderise par ci par là!
I’m surprised i’ve not worked on that thickness. you’re right!

edit: 3d view: [p3d]BBHfP[/p3d]

Mel Milton did also a kind Felicia…i had to follow…


Another nice one… You’re really good at this !! :slight_smile:
Simple question, you did that in one day ?

well i begun in the train tuesday, 2h, and some 3 hours on the evening. after it’s been posing and lighting.
i have to work too! notice it is the same base mesh.