Morroc Castle

well i think I spent enough time with it so ima call it finish, and yeah i am aware of the texture repeated %| but lets just pretend its intentional :slight_smile: though with a quick and easy suggetion using photoshop (if there is a way) to fix the textures without goin through blender again is greatly apreciated…yeah i know im lazy %|

C&C welcome

wip -

It looks good, although the first thing I noticed is that the size of the caustics in the water make the castle look to be the size of a toy INMHO.

Also the brick textures has some pretty obvious tiling to it.

All the textures seem to be very large in scale.

The modelling and lighting are great. Excellent render.

Fix up those textures and it will be awesome.


Love the lighting on this one. This is a great shot.

The scale of the caustics and textures do make this look like a decorative toy castle, as mentioned by the others. If that’s what you had in mind to begin with, it’s fine I guess.

Keep up the good work.


I love the lighting on this one!

Yes, it’s a really fine image. Obviously it needs several more textures. (Re-using the brick texture as you are doing destroys the sense of scale and size.)

Partly because of this, and partly not, I’m also having trouble ascertaining the intended size of the objects in the middle of the pond. Judging from the railings which surround it, and with no other object in there for scale, I can’t decide if those are buildings … or very small ornamental things.

hey its my house! very nice :smiley:

Nice i play alot of ragnarok online so i would say to Gravity to put that over the real morrco Castel just make the one prontrea :smiley:

The texures do seem to obviously tile over the scene, and the textures really are oversized. Nice water though.