Morrowind Title

Sorry guyz im a little drunk, and that may be the reason, but I think the morrowind title music is the most beautiful peice of music ever composed. Leave your comments.

Shall we post when drunk?


Be well

Well it’s not a bad piece of music…
I’ve heard better though

The morrowind music was pretty good, but when playing the game, you hear it so much, it becomes incredibly, insanely, unbelievably annoying (there being only about 5 songs for who knows how many hours of gameplay). Oblivion’s music had more variety, and fits the mood better.

I love the Morrowind theme as well- and yes, it does get a little repetitive in-game. I think that the game itself is also incredible, as it introduced me to Blender when I wanted to mod it.

If everythign didn’t look tan I’d play it more, though.

hah, the tannness of morrowind isn’t half as bad as quake 2. After half an hour of it, you’ll never want to see the color brown again in your life.