MORSE lowpoly modelling challenge is open

Dear Blenderheads,

Maybe you’ve heard about MORSE: a large project to build an academic-grade simulator for robotics that relies 100% on Blender and the Blender Game Engine.

After four years of development, with over 20 contributors from 10 countries, we are about to reach the 1.0 milestone. To celebrate that, we would like to ship MORSE-1.0 with new, high-quality environments, but while we are good at writing simulators, we are not so good at creating impressive 3D assets!

So we open the MORSE low-poly challenge: 2 weeks to create open-source and great-looking contents for the Blender Game Engine, in 3 categories: outdoor scenes, cityscape and home interiors.

If you want to learn more about MORSE and the challenge, or you want to participate:

A very interesting project, i’ll be looking into it more…

Reading the challenge page, what is the steepest gradient the robots can get up?
What about things like loose gravel, is that just simply a friction value?