mortar wip

gonna try to figure out how to make it explode when it lands. I guess i could add that thing that launches the mortar

Maybe you can use the Explode modifier combined with a particle system.

i am… But the explode modifier follows the particle system and starts when the particles do. If I was to add an explode modifier, it would explode when the mortar launches.

Make two particle system and parent them to an empty thats parented to the mortar round. You can also delay when the particle systems start and end. I’ll try and post an example blend…

Lets get some terminology straight, the mortar is the “cannon” that fires a shell. The projectile in your video is a shell, not a mortar. “Mortar” can also be used to name the entire weapon, both launcher and shells, but not just the shells. Shells are not propelled the whole way either. A mortar system works like a gun, there is a quick explosion that fires the bullet from the barrel; the bullet is not self propelled, and neither are mortar shells.

About the explosion, just make the particle system start when the shell hits the ground. You’re also gonna want to change the clipping on the camera, the shell gets to the point where it’s past how far the camera can see.

If you want to make more of a rocket rather than a mortar setup, here’s a link to a video I made a bit ago that has a rocket firing with an explosion using the explode modifier… if you have any questions about parts, just let me know and I’ll explain it!

The link:

lol Renderer10.