Okay, this is a mortar (military weapon) I recently attempted making a muscle car (thread titled “muscle car”) and received loads of feedback. Taking it all into account I realized cars are a bit out of my league so I decided to make my first attempt at modeling something this. I have loads of pictures so you can see what it’s based off of and many different perspectives (not angles) of it. I would like some serious feedback and to know what I can do to improve my modeling and even things that I may have done right. Also, I can’t do anything to it because by accident I closed it without saving it. Thanks for all feedback, now the pictures.


Mortar, No Sub Surface:

Mortar, No Sub Surface, Wire Frame:

Mortar, No Sub Surface, Wire Frame, Side View:

Mortar, Level 3 Sub Surface, Side View:

Mortar, Level 3 Sub Surface:

I probably over did it on the pictures, but I figured it was good to give you a good perspective on the whole thing.

Give me all your feedback, I’ll be happy to hear about what I can do to improve my modeling.


Looking really good :slight_smile: I’d say the weakest parts right now are the mounts. The only improvement i can think of is to add a lip around the edge of the larger back mount. Keep up the good work

Hmm, I didn’t even think about that, You’re definitely right though. The mortar should either have been attached to the mount or have something securing it.

Looking good bartric. Keep going!

Thank you :slight_smile: