morth targets/lip sync

does anyone know of any tutorials about morph targets or lip sync? i had one but that site is down now. also any help or explanation would be helpful.

This will probably come in handy. The elysiun thread is found here.

here’s the old page, although you can get away with only using blender for lip-synch:

go into the video sequence editor and add a wave file, Blender is very fussy with what it can take, so make sure the codec for the wav is “WAV (Microsoft 16 bit PCM)” (I’m assuming you used Audacity) Then go back into buttons window and scene buttons (F10) then click sound block buttons 2 on the right of render buttons and click “scrub” under the Sequencer tab. Go back into the video sequencer and play it (alt+a) to initialise the scrub, then you can move a frame at a time, and it will play the portion of the wav file that plays on that frame which you would use for lip-synching with RVKs

Or, you could just use JLipSync or Papagayo. A quick Google search will tell you where to download both (free) programs and how to use them.

Good luck! :smiley: