Mosaic: Grouping Lights and Surfaces


I’m interested in using Blender in conjunction with Renderman, so I’ve recently turned to using the Mosaic plugin. One thing I can’t figure out though, is how to preserve light/material groups in the conversion from a Blender scene to RIB files. For example, in Blender I can specify that Materials A and B are lit exclusively by lights contained in group A, while Material C is affected only by lights contained in group B.

Does anyone know how to preserve this relation in Mosaic?

I read light groups… is there such groups in blender?

There is, but it is at the per material level.

Add lights to group, select the material and type the name of the group into the field.

good to know :slight_smile:

Hi Fifigunit
I suggest you to ask this question directly to the author of the mosaic script in this dedicated forum :