Mosaic in blender 2.5

So… I just downloaded mosaic and aqsis, and I am trying to install it in blender 2.5. I followed the read me, but A. I can’t find the render menu in user preferences B. It might install it automatically like povray, but that had no export script, just a renderer. Also, I’m wondering if I installed the .py in the wrong place because the blender 2.5 scripts folder has more folders in it, I didn’t stick it in any of the subfolders. Sorry if I’m unclear, Thanks in advance for the help.

Does it say that the scripts are compatible with blender 2.5 ? If they were for earlier versions they won’t work, if they are for 2.5 then it may be for a particular build since blender 2.5 is still under development.

You’re right thanks. It probably isn’t compatible. and I just noticed povray isn’t working anymore.

I so wish version 2.49b worked on my computer. (stupid intel graphics card!)