Mosaic on Mac osx

hi there,
I those day I saw lot’s of stuff about Mosaic on blender.
So I decied to try it, but It doesn’t works
I’ve copy the mosaic on the script directory and installed Aqsis and Pixie.
and when I hit render Current Frame nothing happened

I’ve check on the console, it says
Render starting at: 12:44:15am 11/18/2008

Rendering Pass0 With: aqsis “Scene_DEFAULT_Set0.rib”
/bin/sh: line 1: aqsis: command not found

Render complete at: 12:44:15am 11/18/2008
Total render time: 0.0903408527374 Seconds
I guess Mosaic don’t know where is the renderer

Can you help me please

thanks in advence

Hey yoyo :slight_smile:

It appears that MOSAIC is running and exporting properly however the Aqsis binary does not appear to be reachable from Blender’s console. One simple test would be to start a console and type “aqsis” and see if it runs, I don’t run osx (I develop on Linux and test on Windows) so I can’t really help you out on this :frowning:

I think this issue may have been worked through by osxrules in this thread near the bottom of the first page

Eric Back (WHiTeRaBBiT)

It doesn’t works.

I gonna whatch on shell stuff to link aqsis and pixie to my console
If I found i gonna post the solution

by the way, thanks you cause I know you’re busy white the BBB project

To link to the binary, add the folders containing them to your shell path.

Open a terminal and type:

open -e ~/.profile

Then enter:

export PATH="$PATH:/Applications/Graphics/MacAqsis.1.4.1/bin:/Applications/Graphics/Pixie/bin:/usr/local/bin"

assuming those paths are correct, save and close. Now open a new terminal and running aqsis or pixie should run the renderer.

In order to get Blender to see these, the best way is to launch Blender in a terminal. You can do this easily by going to the Blender app, right-click, show package contents. Go to Contents/MacOS/ and double-click the Blender file.

Make a shortcut to this if you want. The window will be zoomed by default but just use the menu to unzoom it. It should find the binaries now.

sorry but I am just a drawer
I don’t know anything about shell and terminal stuff

I am even not able to do the first part!


Can you explain to me for what it’s better to lauch blender this way.

You missed the ‘open’, the command you should be typing is as follows, using your terminal prompt for clarity.

new-host:~ Mixjuice$ open -e ~/.profile

The rest should be as originally explained, when you successfully run the first line, you’ll find yourself in a text editor, from in there you have to add the export line as explained.

Hope this helps.


How stupid I am,
thanks paul

I’ve done tthe first part
after I lauch blender in a terminal way
the only thing I’m not sure is lauching aqsis or pixie propely I did the “show pakage” version cause like i said i don’t know use the terminal.

but it’s ok blender renderer works fine i gonna continue to use it.
but if you really want help your welcom this is what i got

Thank you all for the help