Mosquito Bites

Well, some of you may think of this as spam, but I find it funny.

I’m severely allergic to mosquito bites, so they swell up real huge and screw with my memory and emotions and such. Here’s a picture of them after about 10 minutes.

There’s two of them, one close to my elbow, and one close to my wrist. The one close to my wrist is kind of hard to see.

I’ll take another picture in the next 6-24 hours, probly more in the 18 hour range, they’ll be huge. It’s only been about 45 minutes since I got them, and they’re already twice as big as they are in the picture.

That’s too bad, but as far as posting about it goes, it’s just plain stupid.

I get those to :expressionless: I just thought they were normal…

Just wait until I take another picture of them, the last one I got was the size of a baseball. If any of the people here are like me, I think they’ll get a laugh out of it.

okay, whatever R2ble…Jeeves.

Hey! I post in the other forums, so go to hell.

I couldn’t care. I was abit dissapointed with the size of the first photo… about the screwing with your mind thing… whoa…

I personally think you should of carried on and not even replied to plantperson…

Okay, I’m sorry. 8-P
But really, do we care?

As far off topic as one can go, that’s probably next to CubeFan posting about his “love” stories. Not as spammy though, but getting there.


If it makes you all feel any better, I’ll get rid of all the text in the post, and tell people not to post here… A lot of people find it funny how fast they swell, thought a few people here might too.

It would make it funnier if you showed the baseball-sized ones.


Wait a day or so, and you’ll get to see them (hopefully, these ones should get roughly that size). The first picture is basically for comparison, to see how fast they’re swelling… Guess I could’ve waited until they swelled first… Well, I’m an idiot…

hey. I was kidding.

funny or not…you itched my curiosity…and I wanna see :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Just wait till he posts the photos of him killing some relatives because of the mosquito bite, that’ll be cool.


uey Jeeves… what about bees? are you allergic to them too? will a bite get a footballsized, seperated life-form with a small mouth and own thoughts?

if yes… lets go get some aggressive bees in here!:smiley:

LOl, well if my mom gets bitten by a mosquito, it will become as big as pingpong ball. If we go on holiday and everyone is outside sitting, having a drink, she always gets bitten by these bastards. But the wierd things is, we don’t get bitten at all, because they like her blood more then oures, unless she leaves, then we get bitten. :x

That’s weird…

Whenever I get bit on the back of my hand, the bump swells to fill the entire back of my hand! I may be allergic to mosquitos, but I don’t know.

Well, that’s different, bees can kill me. No swelling, just a possible 10 second death.

Here they are after about 20.5 hours, and they’re started to swell up nicely.

I took a picture of my baseball sized bug bite a while ago, but I can’t find it right now. If I can, I’ll post it too.

I found it! I was wrong, though, this one was taken about a day before it became baseball sized.

yammi :slight_smile: ey you really have my commiseration! well you know I got an ugly skin desease… but I guess its not that bad as those baseballz :wink: