Moss Tree WIP

First Attempts at Texturing and static particles for texture. Ok a lot of issues here I know, the branches need a few more loops to round them perhaps, and the particle emitter (a second mesh) needs a little tweeking as the moss appears detached from the tree in places, but Im learning!


Yeah, you pretty much hit the nail on the head with most of those…although no tree is the same…do you have a tree that you are basing this one? I would definately fix the moss, but it looks really realistic in the places that it is attached. Keep it up.

reminds me of a tree i’ve seen before… somewhere… :smiley:

maybe it’s only the perspective, but some of the branches look a little
flat. Be sure to extrude along normals when extruding edges or faces for
a branch. You may want to have a look at the length of the branches too
A long branch would rather have short branches at its end, a short one
rather long branches…

Nice model and good start!

The moss looks okay, hough i would suggest having it hang a bit more…and maybe a little lighter color.
peace man, keep it up!