Most accurate way to model a curved surface? (on the back of a monitor)

Hi guys,

I’m having a bit of trouble modelling a Dell 2718Q monitor which has these uniformed curves on all sides on the back of the monitor, kinda like the Thunderbolt Mac displays:

I figured the most accurate way I can achieve the curves is to subdivide the plane, pull out the middle with proportion editing, and then bridge edge loops to a flat plane, but as you can see the corners are a little wonky/sharp:

I’ve also tried using bevels, but the corners are always an issue and I never get a nice smooth geometry.I would appreciate some advice on what’s the most efficient way to model this. Thanks!

Start with the bottom. The monitor without the stand is mainly 3 parts (excluding smaller parts).

I gave it a try but it’s hard to grasp the shape without holding it.
Mon.blend (561.3 KB)

I started with the bottom like so:

Then scaled it up from side view like so:

Then i scaled the curves after adding loop cuts:

The rest should be easy to do.

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Thanks for the advice, this is great! Making the bottom shape was definitely the right way to start. I managed to scale the loop cuts similar to what you mentioned:

Much happier with the results now. Thanks again!