Most Active

There are several threads that see an awfull lot of activity. I think it would be interesting to track these in a new section called most active. This way we could tell at a glance where the collective brain thrust of “blender artists” is spending its time.

P.S. Not being familiar with vBulletin, I do not know how difficult something like this would be to implement. Heck I do not even know if anyone other than my self would find it usefull.


you mean new forum section just for long threads?
i dont know… who would read that?, since i have a feeling people also like to follow just certain parts of forum… woudln’t that be quite chaotic?


No, what I mean is just a simple panel which show activity. Maybe a barchart with a link per bar. This would act as a guide that people could use to see at a glance what is happening.