Most expected features (2.43+)

Personally, I’m a big fan of the sculpting tools. The multi-res mesh… not only is gonna make Blender have something almost no one else has, but it’s gonna give us a great degree of extra artistic freedom. I was like a kid getting new toys when I downloaded the last build from

What happend to SSS? My friend you need to change the poll.

If somebody’s working on it for 2.43 or 2.5, I will (I’m listing supposedly upcoming features).

Sculpting with multires. I think it will be in the next release no matter what with all the progress that has been made.

Look forward to blender being just that “The Blender”(3d, compositing, video editing) powerhouse.
Not that it isnt already just. More powerful in the compositing/rendering department.

That’s what matte/keying (the chroma key nodes, etc.) option is about :wink: I defintely checked that one too.

What is Rendering Info Nodes? The File Output?

where is the modifier stack update on that poll?

i recon that multires and sky generation will be in the next release…

Lightmapping, I read somewhere Ton was gonna make it for next release…I hope am not wrong…

oh dang… I misred Realistic Sky toolset…

Cloth Sim and new particles system are what my team and I need the most for the film we’re creating, but I’m also anxious for multires sculpting for my own use.

fully configurable keyboard shortcut, gizmos style and camera navigation style.

I want one of those shiny “Make a Masterpiece” buttons.

i agree, where’s SSS in the poll ?
By the way , aren’t " Tangent Space Normals" already in the CVS ?

What exactly do you mean by multi-res sculting?

Polls like this are good if you know the jargon. I take it “Rendering Info Nodes” covers DOF options added to the internal renderer?

Where is the sculpting tools?

okay so when is it coming out ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish that people look into enhancing vertex weights for the next blender build. I’ve noticed that vertex weights can make for a verry powerful animation reguarding the manipulation of particles, shape keys, armatures, and anything else I forgot to mention. By animating vertex weights, you may be able to produce some special effects that would have been difficult, if not impossible to produce.

Genjix: Sculpt tools in cvs as of last night
meosoft: plan is for release late december
onion man: something I’d like to work on sometime in the next year/half-year