Most Extreme

For anyone who has ever watched animal planet the most extreme does anybody know how to make the effect they have when they go to the graphic design part of the show.

They have an example on this website:

The thing that says the most extreme I want to know how they do that exactly.

Well first of all, how about making a plane mesh, subdividing it, then duplicating.

The first one you do with the option Wire colour green and maybe emit, the second you set colour green and ztransparency to about 0.5 or less.

Make shadeless, add a blend effect on the background and voila.


Ok so I take it I don’t need to use composition nodes correct.

You are correct.

Do I have to do it to every object?

It worked and I thought you would want to see it.

I would show but I don’t know how to show animations and .blend files.