Most frusterating game you ever played.

As in games that are a struggle to succeed in, games that glitch that makes it hard, games that pull your hair out.

I hate to say this but Simcity 4 has been getting on my nerves, you can build good cities without much struggle in all the previous games but glitches in the game’s simulator makes it a big struggle (a lot more then it should be) and even a chore to keep destressed areas from forming. For example, I realized that as you grow the city you could put in a million subway and monorail stations to whisk your sims away and they’ll whine and move out. It’s not so much the pathfinding is bad if you have a pathfinding modification it’s what the virtual citizens call a long way to work. In our world, a long way to work would be 50 to 100 miles or 30 for the more impatient. In Simcity a long way could be as severe as down the street or a short walk across the street even if he could see his office out his window. This severe misjudging of distances and inability to sort out wether a route to work is tolerable or he’ll move out is what makes large cities nearly impossible to maintain in tip-top shape. Even worse is that even though the route may not have changed the route catagories switch, like it would say short one moment and long the next and he’ll move out (which is worse in higher density buildings). The fact that my large city has commute times of average of 4 minutes doesn’t keep the people from whining. I’d like to see how long Will Wright (creator) drives to work. So in conclusion, the inability for the commuting simulation to be realistic and sims moving out because they work down the street is why Simcity 4 is a big mistake and it shoud’ve never came out with that current simulation model intact.

I like Simcity games but i’d like to see the ability to actually focus on building the city rather then trying to save neighborhoods from disaster.

Hmmm…for me it would have to be…
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time, or Myst.
Has anyone ever played Myst?
Ocarina of time is so annoying…:mad:
We bought the special edition Gamecube that came with Ocarina of time and Majoras mask(originally N64 games). It has a glitch every once and a while, but even when it doesn’t have a glitch, it is sooo hard.(plus there was some kind of glitch right near the end, so now I’m going to have to completely re-start the game if I hope to beat it)

Sacred was a pain in the ass, much too much bugs.

I would have to say the Starship Titanic was the most frustrating game I ever played. Think myst or other such games but without any logic to solve the puzzles. :eek: At least all the oter games; Myst, Rivin, Sanitarium, etc have some logic in them so you can solve them with some work…

I love the Myst games, but I usually end up using walkthroughs.:o (Haven’t installed Myst V yet…)

I don’t have a glitch with that disc. Still, both the N64 Zeldas are irritatingly hard games.

But for me, Super Mario 64 (original) was very frustrating. I still don’t know why the wall-kick timing was so hard to land in that game.

Toomai: I think it was a one of a kind glitch…
The Ocarina of time is so hard!
There are parts in it that are pretty creepy, too…like when you’re playing the shadow temple at midnight, and everyone else has gone to bed.:smiley:

Sonic Adventure can get extreamly frustrating. What’s weird is that on my first profile on my VMU(memory card for Dreamcast) there are a reasonable amount of glitches and poopy camera angles. But on my second profile, I can’t go through a level at all.

Commandos Behind Enemy Lines. Is murder, I gave up trying to do the tutorial section.:confused:

I usually dont play frustrating games long enough to remember them :p.
But probably some playstation game takes the win.

All EA games annoy me, they all seem to crash a lot, they’re slow to load, bad UI design, if you’re patient enough to get to the part where you start playing the game it can be worth it.

Sim City 4: Frame rate drops to 15fps after you have 5k residents. I can play BF2 at the highest settings at about 25fps constantly.

BF2: The waiting game, after you load a few hundred MB of useless videos you get to a menu screen with a useless video playing in the background. When a match finishes and you hit escape to go to the menu screen, you have a few seconds to hit ‘disconnect’ or the game will start reloading the map you just played.

I’ve never lasted more than 20 seconds in an online game of BF2 either, I always get kicked for the most rediculous reasons. “Ping too high”, “you killed someone, goodbye”, map finished, etc…

“Ping too high”, “you killed someone, goodbye”, map finished

DSL isn’t even enough for some of those games, which is rediculous.

Simcity 4 runs fast for me even on large cities. But if you read my first post, you’ll see that speed woes isn’t the only thing you may have to worry about in the game.

I just finished one:

“Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth”

Excelent game… until the ending. It was like: WTF???

Its an HP Lovecraft ending.

I’d say Master of Orion 3. That game is so darn frustrating! LOTR ROTK is freaking annoying too.

Feel free to laugh at me, but it was…Super Mario Sunshine. After a while of falling down the endless pits (especially in the “secret of…” levels), I turned off the damn Gamecube :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess endless pits just aren’t as fun in 3D :wink:

i agree with friday, the mario games are really anoying. Dumb if you ask me. But a game that just gets on my nerves is GTA San Andreas. Its freakin anoying how you can walk up to a gange dude and punch them. THen a cop starts chasing you as you get gunned down by 8 gange peoples. Who has the bigger offense here. I hit somone, those people are shooting me…and the cop is chasing me?! Its anoying.

The “Pavlov House” in Call of Duty 1.
It took me almost a day to finish that level (on normal mode :stuck_out_tongue: ), but it was worth every minute.

Sam Fox’s Strip Poker on the ZX Spectrum.
Single player version of “get css to look the same in IE and Firefox”. I fail at level 1.

Text mode, I suppose? “She is nude now.”

Ah, ever played the multiplayer version? New scenes playing in the opera, new characters like the konqueror… even much harder to play.

For me the most frustrating games were pinball games (Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies). When the ball came at certain angles you had no possibility to influence it. You could just sit there and watch it go. And the physics were sometimes annoying too (ball passing through the flipper).
I liked to play real pinball games, but friends of mine got addicted to the computer ones…