Most frusterating game you ever played.

Wow I must be old. All the games that have come out within the last few years are just too easy. The olny frustration I get is when they end 3 or 4 days later. Now for some real frustration, go back a few years, to when games were games and only the hard core survived. Example? Ninja Gaiden, the original.

Ninja Gaiden is hands down the most difficult game I’ve ever played. It’s so frustrating at times, but then I find myself addicted to it, somehow.:confused::slight_smile:

Tetris… It just gets too hard too quickly. Or one of the Breakout clones. :frowning: I usually get fustreted in games with no save option or that you can only save on checkpoints. Those games usually have some places where you just can’t get through without saving… :frowning:

Contra III : The Alien Wars was tough !

Quite satifying tho when you finally get through it. :slight_smile:

I’m almost surprised noone mentioned the Prince of Persia series by Ubisoft yet (not the old games…). Now this is bad sometimes…in the last part of the series there were even some glitches that forced you to start your game all over and they always happened at the end of the game, too…
Well, definitely one of the most glitched games I’ve played on the Gamecube.

BTW, if you mention the old N64 games - these glitches were rather cool! You can actually use them for speedruns or a 16 star run in Mario 64. Unlike the PoP glitches, you can use them for some fun if you’re careful.

Oh, and yes, even though I like challenging games, the old, old shooter Super R-Type for SNES is probably the only game that I haven’t finished yet! It’s one of those “one hit and you die” games and I never got to see the final boss…I always gave up before I reached him =/

Oh yeah, forgot Banjo-Tooie and its button-mashing.

Gotta be pitfall, so damn repetitive…
Or Dune, the crappest game ever

Th emost frustrating game I haven’t ever played is duke Nukem Forever… it just takes too long.
Other frustrating games:
-BF “what? we make and fps, who cares about a gui?”
-Warcraft III “yeah well, it’s strategy, for the people who have warp speed enabled mice”
-Master of Orion 3: “a huge disapointment, It took me 1 day to get used to #2, I’ll never get used to the Mainstreamthingycausewewantit #3
-World of warcraft “pvp server corpse campers, money whiners, walk-by 60+ axing lvl 40 and below, and people who can’t rp on an rppvp server… oh and the average alliance noob player.”

Heh. I completed Call of Duty 1 in 6 hours :smiley:

But I dont have games that frustrate me. (Except for some missions in the GTA series)

Devil May Cry 3. :mad: But what can you say about a game where you have to unlock easy mode?

lol ^^

I’d say steam service makes half-life 2 a lot more frustrating. I dont play it anymore though, I could sell it.

Milon’s Secret Castle. I loved and hated that game.

Mario Sunshine pissed me off 'cause of the requirement of getting nearly every shine to beat the game. It just became not fun after a while.

starship titanic, and little big adventure. Games I did loooooong ago.

The fact you need to complete 100% of the game and get everything would be exactly how a game developer can wind a game to where it’s no longer fun to keep going.

You look at Spyro: enter the dragonfly and I was liking the game to some extent, until I found you had to get every single one to beat the game. That would be like having to get every chaos emerald in sonic (the old games) just to see the ending.

Getting decent at CounterStrike or (especially) Tribes can be frustrating at first.

For singleplayer, I always thought the new Ninja Gaiden game for XBox was a bitch. And also Abadox for NES. shudders

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. Awesome game, I loved every second of it and is like one of my favorite games, but near the end where you fight the swordman and axeman at the same time. Imposible, and the fact that it didn’t save before the boss battle sucked. I tried to finish that part for two days straight, and didn’t get past killing the swordman.
Anyone get passed this part.

Das Uber Soldat (gotta love that name) in Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

He got me so frustrated that I looked in the Internet how to beat him. Just to find out there is no real ‘trick’. He’s is just that hard.

Defeating him was one of the coolest game experiences though.

Ow, I just remembered: Command and Conquer generals: the game is great, the network code however is really beyond bad, it stopped me from playing online the first week, and even playing it on a lan disconnections are happening very often.
Starcraft over battlenet behind an ip router is also very buggy if you’re playing with three or for of your buddies from behind the same ADSL hookup.

Battlefield II on the xbox360

frustrating… in the single player I had no idea what was happening… it was way too confusing, I didn’t finish a single mission.

Then hoping it’d be better I went online, and you end up in big maps with tons of people you don’t know (and usually really don’t like either) because you can’t make a private room, or kick them out. Oh and there’s no “lobby” to relax in between games, it just keeps going and going. Just like the equally frustrating way unreal and quake do. I don’t understand players that just want to keep playing and playing eesh. Plus the players in battlefield can vote for maps… all this meaning the host really has no control whatsoever.

That’s my biggest frustration in gaming nowadays btw… if you have an online game with no “kick function” for the host to get rid of annoying people.

Usually when you no longer want to play you press the “quit” button.

As far as the kick function matters, some hosts seem to kick players that are chatting way too much, because frankly 99% of people on these servers just want to play games.
I think Xfire is a great invention for gamers. In time you can ignore other players on any server, Xfire is already becoming quite good at detecting cheaters which makes gaming a lot more fun too.