Most frusterating game you ever played.

Ahh the games that pushed my angry button ide have to say metroid prime hunters for the ds although the gameplay is ok online mode is absoulutly horriable tomany people exploit the glitches in the game like hideing in the wall
and when you get aginst a decent person or a higher ranked person and you win they leave jipping you out of points

another one was gunbound mainly befor gb rev was launched rev is located here in the us so its faster and all us accounts were moved
alot of folks i faced in GB world championship were complete idiots and thats putting it lightly it seems to be much better now i havent had any problems with the people now

thats about it

What servers? Not the server I play on… we kick people that don’t have microphones, or don’t use them even. I expect you play on pc… I just can’t deal with all that setup nonsense hardware requirements… pfff… that’s why I stick to consoles for gaming.

Donkey Kong 64 for single player. Rareware’s nasty little timed puzzles are way too hard. A long with the evil bosses. My gameshark at least worked on Banko-Kazooie though it did corrupt my cartridge though after a while stupid POS. These aren’t, no matter how many lables they’ve been given, kids games.

For multi-player it’d have to be Joint Ops. You’ve got up to 150 players in a server, with maps that are miles in all directions. And it’s generally one shot kills through-out the whole thing. One you master it, it’s great. Until then…well, keep playin’.

Yes, I got past that part (it isn’t hard if you get the hang of it - just takes a few tries maybe :wink: ) - I even thought about making a speedrun of that game but in the end I stopped because you can’t skip the cutscenes (another thing that I extremely dislike…).

But again, the glitches that one experiences in the PoP games are the most frustrating things…

The original “Gauntlet” (1985 Atari arcade).

1 quarter gets you 700 hp points, which (as if loosing them when hit by all those monsters wasnt enough) act like a timer, and count down by 1 each second.

I know those old arcade games were designed to be quarter suckers, but this game is ridiculus.


Oh yeah. I remember that one. Though as hell. Especially on the hardest difficulty setting. and it was worth it all the way too.

The most frustrating game I played must be Rainbow Six lockdown which is very recent
The game is ok but the AI is crap (I took an AI boost so it’s fine now)
A few glitches. Nothing out of the ordinary.
but the most frustrating part is the community. The game badly needed a patch and the official forums turned out to be in an all out flame war on ubi, the developpers and screaming for a patch. Take a political/religious flaming thread here and multiply it a million times to fill the whole forums. Things are starting to look up though.
Love the Myst games. I about to install IV. Played through all 3 and I cant remember but I did need a nudge or two as some time where I was completely stuck

There was this Lord of the Rings text game that drove me to throw my Commodore64 out a window. I got stuck in a room with Gandalf and spent 2 weeks trying to get out. That was 1985. I just found out last year it was a bug in the game. True story.

Yeah yeah, I know… I’m older than dirt. :eek:

Any first-person shooter on a console. How frustrating is it to try to aim with this stupid little joystick!!? Another reason why it boggles my mind how these kids can go on and on about Halo.

You might wanna try Metroid Prime 3 for Wii when it comes out.

Anyway, I thought of another frusterating game: Mario Party 1. We are lucky they dropped the rotate-the-stick minigames from future games…

yes the wii is so awesome, I’m planing to get one at the very start. Most games from NES SNES N64 Genesis and the Turbo thingy. That alone is enough for me to get it.
Some of yall who don’t like the joystic thing get this, and you’ll be happy.

Oh yeah. Playing a FPS with a console joystick. I’d rather be learning chinese. It sounds easier. I takes a lot of practice but I managed to get used to it quickly enough to be able to beat a friend of mine (who has a console, I never had any and wont) at a Medal of Honor duel on the PS2. nothing better than a mouse for FPS’s though

Seriously. That game sucked SO MUCH ass that I didn’t set a foot near the goddamned series ever again,

Age of Empires 3. Nothing like it’s ancestors, gameplay is even further from real life than Age of Mythology, it just doesn’t make SENSE!!!

Tic tac toe (Naughts[sp?] and crosses). Never could win at that game. Also, Total Anniliation when agaisnt by brother. Yeah, that was annoying. On the topic of annoying, anyone seen them new Annoying Thing dolls around? I saw them in our local Best Buy. Kinda funny.


IMHO Runescape is not eaven a game.

While I absolutely love the game, Super Mario Sunshine is the only game I think that ever made me hurl a controller across the room. Any level with yoshi makes you want to gouge your eyes out with a grapefruit spoon.

Pikmin on the gamecube, I loved everything about the game,
superb, until I reached about the 5th level, could NOT get
past it, shame. i ended up selling the whole lot as it wound
me up too much.
Myst and Riven too


The Myst games are supposed to have hard puzzles that boggle the mind. But I would see why that would be frusterating for casual gamers, it may seem like only those in the top 5% of IQ’s could beat it without a guide.

The most frustrating game I have ever played would have to be Titanic: Adventure Out of Time. It’s a very good game, and it was very ahead of it’s time, but for a period of about a year I was completely stuck. But after that it was sweet again. Oh, and Driv3r. The Chase mission killed me.

Myst is an insane game. A friend of mine, and his brother never play games (waste of time) but whenever a new Myst game comes out, they buy it and spend the weekend working through the game together. Then they set it on the shelf and never touch it. The amazing thing is that they never use cheats. Total eggheads…