Most frusterating game you ever played.

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the rugrats games for gbc. f***ing thirty times more difficult than anything i’ve ever played. get hit by anything once and you start over.

I can’t believe no one has said anything about the old resident evils (before 4) You find a red jewel. Then you don’t have room to get that new grenaide launcher. so you walk all the way back to the box. Then you walk all the way back to the room and get the grenaide launcher. Then you look around the room some more, only to find that there is a a round emblem under a book. But since you just got the grenaid launcher you have to walk all the way back to the box. Then finally you get all the stuff out of the room. Eventually you get to somewhere where you gotta put the red jewel, then you have to walk back to the box and get it. And i’m not even counting the clunky controlls.

Yeah remember some friends and I would sit around playing RE1 without a memory card. Kept that game fun for weeks. We never made it passed the spider though, without the memory card.

B. Billy, can’t spell biyou, for the nes worst game ever controls suck and you die all the time. BB is something that only happens when people make games but don’t actually play them.

Battletoads - awesomely hard game completely beatable but awesomely hard. Stellar graphics for its time. Multiple types of levels really creative. Really hard. So hard that you can’t beat the game in two player there is glitch on the second to last level. I’m not surpised it was released with the glitch. Although this game is freakin hard, 2 player is about 5 times harder. Crazy awesome.

I would have to say… Uru(a myst game) everytime I tried to get past the first level it glitched, it’s now sitting in the river under my boat.

for me it was the simpsons hit and run.
I got to the last level or I guess it would be the final “boss” mission and IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!

“Fade to Black” ie: the sequel to “Flashback” ie: the sequel^2 to “Another World”
Those last two games were two of the best games of all time - so it’s too bad that the transition to 3D in F2B was handled so badly. Then again, it was one of the first - so it was breaking new territory.
You only had to memorize about 20 keys to play it. Worst interface of all time.

Alex Kidd (the one in the master system)… when you manage to get at the end of the game… you get some extra puzzle password thingie that you cannot just find out without try/error… this means you have to do the whole game a few times before getting the correct thing, and keep notes of what you tried… how annoying :stuck_out_tongue: besides that a lot of fun hehe

edit: oh and what about the first Prince of Persia rofl

Shadowgate for NES. It’s practically unbeatable without hours and hours of trial and error, running out of torches, falling into sudden death pits, getting scorched by dragons… But the musical score was nice. :smiley:

I agree that SImcity 4 is frustrating, although for a different reason. I can never get those regions right; there’s always those little spires appearing where four cities meet. I wish I had some large-scale region editor, and a way to decide the areas of the cities. It’s so annoying to have all those tiny lots when I want to build a big city within one lot. :smiley: