Most missed Add on's

(Razorblade) #1

With 2.8 speeding to release, i kinda wonder,
A big part of the magic of blender is in scripts, what scripts do you miss most ?

  • today I missed the sculpt tools, was about to use them and had to go back to 2.7x

what scripts do you miss most ?.

(dan) #2

Meshmachine, BPainter and Retopoflow, big time. I use them almost every day and jumping back and forth between 2.79 and 2.80 with me already used to left click select (booo, I know) and machinetools is quite painful.

(Rimasson) #3

Surface constraint tools
Atom bomb
Lichtwerk MeshTransfert
Copy vertex IDs
Export curves in maya format


Is Bpainter useful? from watching the videos I still am unsure


Advanced Sculpting

(R Soul) #6

3ds import/export

(MadeWithFeet) #7

Retopoflow, it was a rude awakening trying to retopo without it…

(Chris Tempel) #8

Autotracker for motion tracking. It didn’t always work, but it was always worth trying first, rather than manually picking spots.


Amaranth :pleading_face:… and Blender “pigeon” build

(JoseConseco) #10

I updated surface constraint to 2.8 :
Copy vert id port should bo not hard, but I’m not using it much.

(Metin Seven) #11

I miss the Add Advanced Objects add-on that’s included in 2.79. It features a sub-addon called Tri-Lighting Creator that allows you to very easily create a three-point lighting rig.