Most needed tutorials?

I’m planning to write a few more tutorials for my web site. However I can’t decide what area of the game engine to write about. So I thought I’d get a few opinions from the community…

Which areas of the game engine have the least documentation & tutorials written for them? Which areas do you struggle to understand? What subject would you most like to see an indepth tutorial written on?

Feel free to post multiple answers…

python please! :smiley:

Mmm. I don’t know, a lot of new users to the engine want to do a lot of things, but without the knowledge of what kind of logic brick do the engine own, and how to use it. I know that this is explained in the blender game kit online version, but still confused to many users.

To learn how to use logic bricks is the only way, practice and seeing what the other people with more experience do, the best collection of demos is the blengine’s post “demos/tutorial/list” , but maybe so confused anyway :-?

So, I think a good tutorial about the right use of the Logic Panel would be great for the new users, something like… :

Making links from different object’s bricks - Properties, and how to use it ( it was so confusing to me, because I was trying to modify properties from different logick bricks, and making logic sentences using properties that others objects have, etc… :expressionless: , newbie mistakes… maybe too logic mistakes, but not for a new user.

%| [>]

yeah! Pthon too :wink:

:o Shout’s advanced python!!!

Jason Lin

Well, I can’t speak for the community as a whole, but I’m having trouble getting things to animate correctly. Tutorials on character action and walk cycles would be greatly appreciated. Like how to create NLA type action and movements that correctly flow from one to another. I know of the “blendin” function, but I can’t seem to properly use it.

Lots of the people I’ve seen completely avoid this by making first person shooters, car games, or plane games, or other mechanical games. I think there is a severe lack of character based games and correct animation is a huge factor of that.

yes! :o that’s right, a lot of people make models, but so few animation. let me see… %|

Ya… I would also give some use to a deep study of walkcycles, runcycles and that stuff… you know, considerations like how to keep the equilibrium, how to make it look like the chara is really “STEPPING” into a surface instead of just touching it, what is there moving in a moving body that the common eye wont notice, the speed the chara gets when it walks (so it doesnt look like its sliding) etc.

I Have Made A Realistic Third Person Walking And Running Demo Not Graphic Wise But Movement The Player Has 5 Dfferent Idle Animations That Play In A Random Order And At Random Intervals Whenm The Player Is Not Moving And The Player Has Breathing Animations And The Player Breathes Harder When They Have Been Running But I Usually Make First Person Games Because The Game Engine Does Not Have Realtime Armature Deformations

Welll… armature deformations and that stuff isnt needed in games like resident evil and final fantasy in the playstation, and they where meshes that didnt even use uvmapping and still looked good enough when walking/runing/breathing (and were so much fun!). They did play well with the resources they had… I think we should do the same (that or help in the gamedev).

ai artificail life, pathfinding, etc…

and stff too thats alwatys stuffy

The first tutorial I wrote for my site was on setting up realistic walk cycles. I’m no master on animation however, and it tips outside of the realm of the game engine to go into fine detail on the specifics of animation.

I’ll look into writing a very basic tutorial on logic bricks and he basics of the game engine. Also I’ll see about writing a python tutorial for those wanting to learn it.

My time is very limited at the moment though :frowning:

Well the best thing you can do is writing Blender python tutorials. There are already a lot of good Python freeware books on the net with over 100 pages about how to learn python if you’re a very newbie. :slight_smile:

Currently I’m still fightning around to find a good layout for my website, which is now going very well. I’ve got a quiet easy looking layout with some functions. Afther that I’ll start writing the next Unofficial GameKit Up to Date version, and even the knowledge I’ve got now from the section Graphic Design I can even publish that book as a real copy, but only when I get an official request to do.

Since a lot of new blender users are asking about tutorials, or have questions that are asked about hunderds of time, I started working on the GameBlender Learning content website included a webring to all websites hosting tutorials, documentations, source and games.

I hope I can tell more and show more before spring actually starts. I’m working on some blender webring ideas.

Btw don’t stop making tutorials, these are really needed. I’ll also update the tutorials link list and include some new links to usefull learning content. :stuck_out_tongue:

I vote for a tutorial on physic and dynamics. I brought the blender gamekit book years ago and it and coffee stained and dog eared. But I STILL do not understand the physics/dynamic systems and I graduated from and ENGINEERING college.

The problem isn’t animating walk cycles (there are a ton of animating tutes in other forums) it is successfully implementing those animations into the game engine with a seamless transition. Like how to stop the walkcycle in the middle of a step or change running to running with a gun held out smoothly.

A tutorial for total newbies in the game engine would be nice. A tutorial that explains how you make a pretty complex game. Preferably without python.

Tutes on dymanic material settings would be great, as im finding out these are a huge factor in making gmaes work correctly…also, python lol

Making a complex game with out python is virtualy impossible, so putting off learning it is only hurting yourself. Python tutorials on everything from actuator activation to UV mapping would be nice as a reference.

A tutorial of how to illuminate with correct hard shadows would be great for me :smiley: .

Python AI and path finding please!

i agree the biggest need is for python tutorials. but,…it’s always good to have intro level tutorials too. i remember first approaching the game engine and feeling at a loss as to where to begin. logic bricks were quite the mystery, and it took me awhile to figure out even how to connect them. :expressionless: