Most Realistic 3D Nature Scene

This is my attempt to create for me, the most possible realistic nature scene in Blender.
For this, I used a huge bunch of particle systems as well as assets.
And this is my result, what do you think?


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It looks all around very nice and I like it a lot, but I can’t say it very photo realistic. There is some strange feeling that you cannot find from real forest. Maybe if the render were not so perfect, it could help a little. I mean there would be really slight amount of some CA and barrel effect.

Whoa… wow.

A little update of improving and adding some things


This looks very good, I think it looks more like a realistic picture than a photograph, but that’s even better, in my opinion :slight_smile:
I would add a central point to it, to make it more interesting, something to focus the attention;
but even without that, it looks really really good and professional!