Most Realistic Explosion

Hi guys!
Here I were planning a contest about the most realistic explosion imaginable :eek: . There aren´t rules. This is only a game and the purpose of this contest is to see the level of most people on this web. All in blender!
I defy all of you to make the most realistic explosion using all resources you like as particles, meshes, composition :mad:. You are free of playing with all you need!! :smiley: In a month this contest will become closed, and all community perform their votation!! Please SHOW YOUR PARTICIPATION!!! :cool: This is very funny, and I really want to see the big level obtained with blender!
Sorry my bad english… :o

Here´s my entry:

there was already a contest similar to this, check out the link:

That contest is over. I’m interested in this one- mainly because that’s one of the best explosions that I’ve ever seen in blender.

Yeah, that contest was cool and I belive that the community can make best explosion than that. :wink:
Thanx for my explosion comments :rolleyes: . This is only a start entry. And I expect that in this contest must appear best works :smiley: . COME ON EVERYBODY, YOU CAN DO IT!!! AND TIME IS RUNNING!! :eek:

just a few questions is it just a single image? and if so can we do a little post pro? but other then that im in my coumputer is crappy but ill give i my best shot

Yeah!, You are free!!!
You can post an image or a complete video explosion :cool: . The only condition is to make the 80% into Blender :rolleyes: . However, you can use post production, but try to don´t use it very much. Use only a 20% maximum.:wink:

Actually, yours isn’t that realistic. :smiley:

Unless that blast in the center is a secondary explosion, because there’s no way a fireball/smoke/dustcloud could be that far out in front of the primary detonation and shockwave… what you are displaying is travelling through time.

Very artistic, though.

well here’s my attempt,not the greatest but i kinda like them,hope you will to.

and this one.

Small update on DS92

We’re getting a little technical here, lol… What I meant was coolest looking explosion :wink:

What´s happening with the community:confused: ? There are 20 days left! I´m not seeing participation! I can´t balive that:( !
Please, to all the people in the forum… WE WANT TO SEE THOSE EXPLOSIONS!!!:eek:

I have three questions:

  1. Is there a prize (the last explosion contest had one)
  2. Can I enter more than once
  3. Does anyone know of a better place to upload videos than YouTube

I hope this contest gets as many good entries as the last one (a prize would help).

I have not used it for videos, but Image Dump will probably do what you are wanting.

OK, there´s no a prize, but.
Seeing that we haven´t many explosions, you can enter the explosions you belive that are necessary.
You can use and
Thanx for reply, but, WHERE ARE TH

OK, there´s no a prize, but.
Seeing that we haven´t many explosions, you can enter the explosions you belive that are necessary.
You can use and
Thanx for reply, but, WHERE ARE THE IMAGES OR VIDEOS??

Here’s my WIP:

I’m using Blender 2.42 and I used no post-process. Please tell me if you can’t see the video or image.

Very well!
Very good entry. We´re awaiting that the people follows that example.
I saw the video. It´s well.

Here’s my WIP:

I’m working on getting the animation up.


Very well!
I had problems downloading the video file.
Can you upload again?

http server is not alive 8-P


Anyone know of a good site to upload to that you don’t have to register for?
I’ll try to get it up ASAP.