MOST WANTED: detailed car tutorial

Hi guys!

my research for a car tutorial (blender specific) wasn’t satisfying at all. I have found only 5 tuts, but is down and the rest isn’t detailled enough!

here’s my request: i know that many of have already been modeling a car and i’d like them to write a very detailed tutorial about it, not only for me, but for the whole blender community!
the blender car tutorials out car aren’t satisfying! please write a tutorial about car modeling!
I know it takes time so take your time!

thanks in advance


Well, Speedtitti’s car tute is really the only Blender specific one that I know of. And one of the best car tutes I have seen as well.

But just do a Google search -> my search results

Almost every tute that is out there, for any application, can be duplicated in Blender with the current tool sets. You do not need Blender specific tutes anymore.

Use the resources that are currently available on the web and keep on learning.


I agree with flashpoint. Most of the car tuts i have seen are either confusing and are too technical for newbies. A more detailed and easy to understand tutorial be it video would do no harm

you’re right, thats a nice tutorial for cars, and convertible. but i still have the request of a blender tutorial (detailed) in blender.

nobody outthere who is willing to write a blender specific car tutorial which should be detailed?

i am so disappointed…

The trick is to apply these tutorials to the tools you have in Blender. This means that you must have a good understanding of the modelling tools in Blender. While you’re free to wait until someone writes a cartutorial in Blender for you, I suggest that you start to experiment with Blender to model a car. Try to understand what the modelling steps in the other tutorials are and try to recreate that in Blender. Don’t get disappointed if it doesn’t work the first time, it takes time and experience to model a good looking car.

Car modeling with Blender :

That tut is not even in english. If you guys can make a detailed tut then please do so. It will benefit everybody including myself.

Maybe this old one:


Don’t get disappointed if it doesn’t work the first time, it takes time and experience to model a good looking car.

That is very true, I can second it!

My advice is, as is SoftWork’s, learn the tools, try to model a car, fail a few times, then model a car :slight_smile:

If you want to learn the tools well, I’d suggest you search for some charachter tutorials. There are plenty of those, which should give you enough information on car-modelling. In fact, the non-boxmodel way of charachter modelling is quite similair to car-modelling. At least, in my opinion :slight_smile:

Maybe this old one:


I tried that as my first, and it was somewhat frustrating. It doesn’t really say anything, it skips too much. And, I don’t like the NURBS-surface way to model a car. It seems that tut was around before subdiv. When using subdiv, I prefer to keep control of the mesh to myself, and therefore only use mesh-editing. Also, merging al views of the references in one image is confusing :slight_smile:

The left part is in french and the right part in english.

This is an amazingly detailed car modeling tutorial. That took a lot of work for someone to do! Use it and be greatful. Of course you’ll point out its for 3dsmax. Just glancing over the contents of this tutorial I can tell you it should be no problem for someone who knows how to use blender’s basic tools to replicate it. Echoing other’s advice I would say learn Blender’s basic tools by doing other tutorials then work through this tutorial and ask questions whenever you get stumped. Then when you get done you can translate it into Blender’s terms for everyone else!

One of the tricks to learning 3D is just to know that it takes quite a bit of effort, you can’t expect people to everything for you.


(heck, you should be greatful that all of these nice people even took the time to dig up all these great tutorial links. I know I don’t really have the time to be posting here! :slight_smile: )

thanks for your posts! i am gonna take the time a try and try and try…

on my readings i have heard that NURBS are the best choice for car that real? and also valid for blender?

The complicated thing about every car tutorial that i’ve seen is that they tell you to “move this here”, “move that there”, “make so many loop cuts”… and you have to follow them blindly without understanding WHY they do it that way (the same with face tutorials). They never say “I make 3 loop cuts because…”

i totally agree with you.

Now that’s up to the one doing the turorial. You have to think about every step you perform, and see what it results in.

For faces (human faces that is) there are some docs that explain a proper loop-layout. Thor made a forum post about it a long time ago. You should be able to find it somewhere in the forum. And, I suspect it’s covered on a lot of different places as well, because people often do it wrong.

Appologies!! came to this via old links.

Should have checked the dates.

I Cant find the tutorial
O.O where are they??