most wanted features for future blender

(kos) #1

what are the most wanted features that should be added to new Blender?in my opinion these are:
1.raytracing for rendering.
2.soft and rigid-body dynamics.
3.true hair-generator.
what do you think.

(Schlops) #2
  1. A subliminal message that says: “You do NOT need a raytracer, you only need excellent export-scripts” :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Because of 1.: Full Python access for everything
  3. soft and rigid-body dynamics

(ray_theway) #3
  1. Full Python Access / Good Export Scripts
  2. Dynamic engine for animation (maybe for 3.0?)
  3. More robust game engine
  4. Animated Suzanne :stuck_out_tongue:

(phlo) #4

i like to have a all in one thing.

  • those who want a raytracer in blender should have it
  • all those who want a python ui should have it.
  • … and other features

i would like to compile blender with compilerswitches to control
all these features. not easy. but so everyone would like the new

and everyone can provide specialized blender binaries. and others can
compile they’re “own” version.

oh… what i want? a direct physical connection from my brain to blender. :wink:



I am very easily satisfied. All I want is a big undo button. Just taking back one line at a time.

(Dani) #6

In blender there already is a paint module, rather modest that is :slight_smile:
So, one major thing to be done in blender IMHO is to expand this module’s possibilities. Add different type of brushes, the ability to paint directly to the nor channel, the col channel, the spec channel. We could also have layers IN channels. But certainly the most important is the speed: this module is sooooo slooww! it needs to be sped up!
It’s not much, all i want is Photoshop (or the GIMP, or Dogwaffle) in Blender :smiley:
Most of the actual 3D packages leave the rendering part to an external renderer, so I believe this is something important to expand. Nevertheless, we could as well have some more or less basic internal raytracer.


(MaceG) #7

Me, I’m with KBRALI. Gimme that undo button.
And what I would really, really like–face select and edge select and better trackball movement. Like Wings.

(rivenwanderer) #8

I don’t ask for much… well actually I do :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Vertex-weighting in subsurfs
  • Near-perfect exports to raytracers–as in, save to raytracer’s file, open in raytracer, and hit “render” and it looks just like your Blender render but with raytracing :stuck_out_tongue: Or even render from within Blender but via the raytracer. {whether built-in or via plugin, I don’t care}
  • Better python API stuff so you can do a lot even if all you know is python and not C++ stuff
  • Expanding/improving/maybe even redoing many modules to make them more powerful {painting, radiosity, etc}
  • More and more-complex procedural textures
  • Physics, hair, cloth, etc {whether built-in or via Dynamica and its decendants, I don’t care either}
  • Even better higher levels of OSA that still don’t make everything too blurry

(Dittohead) #9

I want built-in raytracer, python for is too volitle, i’ve never been able to export and i’ve tried four scripts.

(thatbrikwal) #10

n-gons… n-gons…

(mrmunkily) #11

definitely a hybrid scanline/raytracer, like entropy was and the new PRman is.

that would be über-powerful

(pofo) #12

A body for the monkey?

  1. pofo

(A2597) #13

Better flares, more options, etc.

more NURBS options.

All lights shadow casting, and better shadows

Radiosity, but where I dont have to retexture the model afterwards. (Some of my models have 50+ materials, used over a model that may have 500+ objects…ARGH!)

And one of the ABSOLUTE MUST:
Glowing materials, build in. those little scripts and pluginsnever work for me.

(HpyGoCrazy) #14

I would like blender to be more moduler so it doesn’t get too bloated and run even slower than 2.25 pub. With all the stuff that needs to be fixed and added it would just be more proficient to have the main program that access dll or some other library. I think it would also help the open source movement for blender if the source code was easy to interpret and add to. Right now version 2.25 is slow. I would like to see a version that can handle scenes similar too LotR. The people for LotR design a system called Massive to let the charaters deside how the want to fight. Pyton could do that. We need a fast Blender that is open fully to python. Other tools can be added later.

(rndrdbrian) #15
  1. Get rid of that 65000 vertex limit per object!
  2. Ngons
  3. Ability to change wireframe colours in the viewports.

Don’t ask for much, do I? :stuck_out_tongue:


(luis36) #16


(sten) #17

First I would like to see a split between the realtimeside and the linear side…cut Blender in half !!

I would like to see Publisher as a full blown realtime 3D tool without rendering and such…and add some great realtime features…

and then…pump up the other half for just only linearstuff (animation/rendering/modelling) so each Blender tool gets as slim and as little as possible in binary size…so we can pack the linear tool with all needed conent; built in raytracer, better animation tools (as the big ones), cloth/fur effects, wind effects, better modeling features as Wings3D has (edge/face/edge loops etc. etc.)…

that would be a thing…then we don’t need to bother both sides ( linear & realtime) with each other…as in streamlined tools…I think that would be the best , my opinion !!

most 3d artist doesn’t care about the realtime side…but some do…but the linear artists is far way many more !!

well…that is what I had to say :smiley:


(Nayman) #18

i think z tonzy has it right

but us in half!

while it may sound like a stupid idea, it is the proper way to make both siders happy!

MY list is,


Physics… Particles, cloth, softbody (basically, Dynamica) hint hint theeth… need dynamica now! MWA HA HA!

oh yes, and a feature that says (Import terragen scape now)

I dont like scripts.

(rivenwanderer) #19

Oh yeah, one more thing

The ability to have a “static” shadow map {in th same sense as a static env map} so that you could tweak things like light intensity and such without having to wait for Blender to redo the shadow each time

(rwv01) #20

I don’t feel myself qualified to suggest major changes but I would like to see an improved material editor and a better UV editor. Undo hasn’t been a major problem for me but it would make a lot of users happy. I like the suggestion of others here. They sound like they would lead to a better quality tool.

In general I’d like to see Blender become the best quality tool it can be.
Compared to other freeware apps a truly professional Blender should be like;

a Rollex to a Timex

a Ferrari to a Ford

a Cannondale to a “10-speed”

a Louisville Slugger to a Whifflebat

a Bach to a Conn

a Korg to a Cassio

a Stradivarius to a “Stradivarius”

Out standing quality is what makes great tools.

Blender’s pretty good, but lets go for broke!