mostly complete team looking for modelers for a rpg

Good morning! I am Sven, and I am working with about a dozen or more others in and on a new game development company. We are recruiting staff to work on our first major project.

Please reply if you are interested in either working with us permanently or just on select portions of this project. If you are interested there are two things to understand: 1) We are currently all working part-time (read: we are not staking our financial futures on this, but if it starts generating a lot of revenue, we might quit our day jobs), and 2) This is not guaranteed to be paid work (read: if this game sells, then we all get paid, otherwise, we are all working for free).
Please note that we’re currently only accepting people from the US and Germany(due to legal conditions, if you think the system in your country will allow you to work with us under contract and without complications, I will ask the project leader for permission)

Team name:
For now Pwnertainment, but both the company name and the game’s title will change prior to release and company incorporation(soon)

Project name:
Live Archduke

Brief description:
Live Archduke seeks to put the gamer first-person into historical events, while retaining all of the interactivity of a standard modern FPS(still, mostly mostly antique weapons). Live Archduke will do so by immersing the gamer in an overarching storyline. Live Archduke is not intended to be a technical masterpiece, but is focusing on an engaging story and solid gameplay. Live Archduke can be played either two-player co-op or single-player with an advanced AI partner.
(for further information, please contact me privately.

Target aim:
retail, US and Germany

We are offering a percentage of potential revenue

Target system : PC, potential port to other systems (PS3, etc) if PC version does well.
programming language: C++, Python (via Boost in selected properties)
engine: Ogre3D, NxOgre, OpenAL, Steamworks SDK, and TBD other libraries.
Non-programming development uses: Blender, Finale Notepad, Subversion.

Talent needed:
Artists: Animators, 3D modelers,2D cut-scene ,artist texture artist, potential need for voice actors.
Requirements are at least advanced knowledge of the software you’re using, Artists should have a Portfolio.
If some are here that have programming knowledge as well, we still need
Software developers (We have some, but could use more. Pretty much any area of expertise will do, since the rest of the developers are as yet malleable to the software they will work on)

Team structure:
-I am currently one of four 3D modeler, Rigger, Animators, Lighting artists etc…
and responsible for the german recruitment.
-our second German is the software architect
-we have 1 Concept artist
-we have 1 programmer working on our website
-we have several Ogre3D and c++ programmers (6 working atm)
-1 2D artist
-2 people are doing market research at the moment
-1 python coder
-1 project leader
(these occupations may change very soon, we are in the process of organizing everything right now, contracts are being signed, before that happens, I will not mention the names)

Our website is currently in work so you’ll just see an old Logo. The new Logo is in work also.
<a href=“”>website</a>

You can contact me via email ([email protected])
or ICQ (378763238)
For intern communications we have weekly conferences.

Previous Work by Team:
/ None

Additional Info:
For artists: We are aiming for this level of graphics, if you think you can’t reach this in any sector, please apply as an animator or rigger(advanced rigger), if you are specified on one sector, like humanoids or environment, please note that as well.

We are all serious and putting willingly much of our time into this. There have already been several people sacked because they were not dedicated enough.

Any comments, questions and feedback is appreciated


I’ll give some feedback. You seem on the right track keep it up. Sorry I can’t help, but all the best for your project.

:RocknRoll:Good luck.

i like those kind of projects! could you post news in here from time to time to get us up to date?

good luck!


you might want to look at the thread

We are setting up a mechanism where developers can trade coding features on blender to get artwork for their game.

Since you have 6 coders and 1 artist it might be worth considering for you guys.


we’ll think about that, but I don’t think it would be a good idea because it makes everyone work mainly on his own and that is exactly what we want to prevent in our team. But if there is a time where our coders have nothing to do , this might be an excellent occupation and experience.

If you are interested, I would be more than glad to update this post with news about our progress and the game itself, but for now we have to set up a graphical base before we can show off our story and features.

Update1: By the way, now we are 3 artists XD

Something else you might consider is working with Erwin and his gamekit team, or BTolputt on the engine side of things, I suspect that both of those engine coding efforts are far futher along than yours are and they are using librarys already that you are only considering.

Also have a look at my list of open source libraries for game devs in this post,


link isn’t working, I do not have the required rights even if I log in.

Okay here is a copy and paste of my post there,

if you post in the introduction thread you should be able to post there, I didn’t remember they had a restriction for reading the threads without a introductory post first also.

gamekit -

Have you considered a thread or page dedicated to listing options for various parts of the pipeline? Could be list of both liberal open source (MIT, BSD, zlib), closed source, and required open source (GPL) Not strictly AI related although that would be good too.

Here are some of the librarys you list, plus others that I’m aware of that are useful,

bullet (includes sony math library) (zlib)
ODE (old BSD or LGPL)

ois - Open Input System (zlib/libpng)

ogre (MIT)

PortAudio (MIT)
OpenAL (MIT for some LGPL for others depends on platform)

ENet (MIT)


Recast & Detour (zlib)

OpenSteer (MIT)

LibBahavior (BSD)

Lua (MIT)
Python (MIT)

Not exhaustive but a decent start Updated to include license info - note that the license is sometimes not exactly the same as MIT or BSD or zlib, but they are similar enough that they are generally consided to be that license.

Ah and a list of game middleware

Another quick note, if you are having blenderartists do the artwork, it might make them more productive doing improvements to Blender (both for artwork and as a level design tool).

Let me know if you are interested in suggestions for improving Blender as a level design tool and for game art (especially tools not available elsewhere).


thanks a lot, I’ll go through them this morning, for now I need some sleep, it’s 2:38am here.
EDIT: I asked the software architect to have a look at them.

ehm ok, sorry for the double post, I tried to get the software architect to write a comment himself but he didn’t want to ^^ So about the engines, we 're currently using quite some of them and the development is going smoothly so we do not intend to use any outsider kits. This way we can specify the engines on this one project and receive better results.
Still, we appreciat your help very much!

Bummer, I was considering looking into maybe helping with some assets in exchange for seeing Erwins gamekit helped along, but it doesn’t look like that option is even on the table now.

Most unfortunate.

I’m honestly sorry for not being able to contribute to these project, but as far as I understood it, using an outside engine would conflict with a paragraph in our contracts. I know this seems selfish but it has to be legally correct. But I am studying the engines we’re working on, maybe once the project is complete I can help him out a little…

well , that won’t be soon, so I thought of creating a blender tutorial first to show my appreciation to the blender community… Any idea on what I could do one? I thought of a best-of-rigging-tutorial where I could show off what I stole from various different artists and combined it with what I would use… You think there would actually be someone interested in? XD Any other ideas? I have to do at least something!

(I still appreciate any feedback or questions to anything above)


would be interested in your rigging tutorial. Unfortunate about the contract conflict but that is the way it goes some time.

Good luck with your project,