Motel (nudity)

Blender, DAZ V4, Luxrender


Lovely mood and lighting :slight_smile:

Her skin is the only thing that look kind of weird to me, maybea little more glossiness, but I know that with lux its hard to know exactly what the details ll look like, recently I made a render for a cliente and it took 50 hours more 5 fixing the noise on photoshop.
But aniway all the modeling and the details look great I just dindt like her skin texture.

Thanks! And yeah, skin is a bitch. Glossy doesn’t cut it by itself, something volumetric like sss is needed, which I haven’t figured out yet for lux…

Wow! That’s really sweet. Looks so real. I love the way the lights cut through the blinds like that. Such a great touch.
A very impressive render. I would have been so proud of that they wouldn’t have been able to shut me up for a week.
I even think the skin looks great. Humans seem hard to get right in cycles. I only tried it once, and crashed before I could get a good png. This looks great, though. Congrats. Hope to see you do Cycles stuff soon.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

This could be composed a bit better, google Lucian Freud

I’m quite fine with the composition :slight_smile:

Great render.
I would add some displacement to the mattress as well as the money. Both look too flat.

Actually both have displacement (in case of the money quite a bit). But I agree, should be more.