blender 2.62

old internal engine

Thanks to:

amazing work man!

This is amazing… why are there not more comments? Awesome work man!!

I would’ve replied sooner but I hit my monitor with a fly swatter :wink:

That is pretty awesome though. And just the hint of movement in the wing, legs and antennae makes ya go “hey…did that just move?”

Once again a really cool render proving Blender Internal has it’s place. :smiley:

Very very good work. My compliments and admiration.

I saw this one on! :wink: Seriously, it’s a great work but you should give some credit to At least it could invite more users to try it. In my opinion this should actually be advertised as one of the main Blender features, because it’s simply incredible to have such an amazing service totally for free. No other software has anything close to it…

So don’t be shy and spread the word. Maybe some day heavy HD renders with Cycles may be accessible to absolutely everyone!

thx guys!

@Spockless:I would have given credits to, but it was a test. The final render was done on my workstation… :wink:

Then I apologize. I hope it didn’t look like I was demeaning your sweet animation. Congratulations!

one of the best things ive seen in this forum; deserves a place in the gallery!

Wow… Impressive…

pretty damn good work.