Mother day?

Today in Belgium and Netherland is the Mother day
(correct me if i’m wrong).

Happy Mother day



You’re wrong.
Damn man, you scared the hell out of me :smiley:

Mother’s day is the second sunday in May (man were you off by a mile)

Here in Belgium we celebrate mother day today. But there is an other mother day as well (second sunday in May)


i’ve lived in Antwerp for 4 year and all say me the
15 august is Muther dag

ik spijt me



Mother’s Day is May 12th in the U.S.

Perhaps someone should find a way to coordinate the creation of an “International Mother’s Day”.

Every day I get a kiss and a hug is Mother’s day :wink:

Official Blender Mommy, IngieBee :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Right fullback? LOL :smiley:

Just a question… :-?

Does… anybody know when is, father’s day???

Thanks in advance…


(a miserable daddy…)

Second Sunday of June :wink:

Every day I get a kiss and a hug is Mother’s day

Official Blender Mommy, IngieBee Right fullback? LOL

Quit rubbing it in. Some of us don’t have a little one to hug and kiss us, or for us to hug and kiss. I’m 21 years old, which for the men in my family means my life is over half over, (most of us die around 30 either from alcohol poisoning, (I don’t drink, so my odds are improved) car accidents, or cancer.) and I’m just now in my first relationship. And it’s not even serious.

Oh well. Dying alone isn’t so bad. I just need to find someone to die alone with.

21 years old? You’re still supposed to be hugging and kissing your mommy, you’re not old enough for kids yet, LOL. BTW, cancer is really getting easier to treat, if it’s a threat, just get your checkups. Catch it early, and you’ll be fine :smiley:

21 years old… ha! … babys think they are old already… jeez…

Second Sunday of June

Thanks Ingiee…

I really needed that… :wink:


(a happy daddy…)

Those mother- father- whateverdays are a pure waste of money. It also shows people don’t care for each other - apparently people of today need a ‘special’ day to have a reason to think of each other.

And next to that it is a nice capitalist trick to get more money out of the consumer…



jesterking, even though I don’t completely disagree with you, (yes in some cases it is a clever capitalistic trick to get more money out of the consumers), I still think that these mother/father days, show that people STILL NEED to think of eachother…

And that’s a wonderfull feeling. We haven’t lost our humanity… yet!!!

We shouldn’t cancel those days, just because someone is taking advantage of them, to make money…

Don’t buy from them, instead. Just give a flower, or your love as a gift… a simple kiss, would do the trick…

Companies are making money out of Christmas too…

Should we consider Christmas as a waste of money/time???



Skontar, that was not my point (I agree, it doesn’t come out too well in my previous posting). I mean that people shouldn’t need special days to think of each other. If people really cared for each other we wouldn’t need those days. Every day would be a ‘special day’.

Well, for start, I think that we haven’t stop thinking for each other. We care a lot about those 10 - 100 people, that are closer to us.

We just don’t give a dime, if kids are dying from starvation 2-3 blocks far from our house, or if women’s rights are being violated in Nigeria, but I don’t really know anyone, that doesn’t care about his mother, all the time. Maybe we don’t give her a call every day, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love her any more…

Special days, aren’t supposed to be only, for others to start thinking of us. They are also ment to make the one who’s celebrating, feel special, well, at least once a year… We need special days, to break the monotony!!! They give a certain colour to our lives…

Think of a world where, people would really care about eachother, but they wouldn’t have any special days and they didn’t celebrate anything at all… It would be a really “grey” world. I would kill myself if I had to live in such a world…

Anyway, that’s just my opinion…


True, but I still say that a person should be able to do that without outside impulses.

And special days is what you make of your regular days. Why wait for a ‘special day’ and not do fun and interesting things yourself? Surprise people, treats for yourself… etc.

Well, you don’t have to wait for special days!!! If you feel like you wanna do such things none is stoping you from…

But here I will have to admit. We don’t usually do surprises, or give gifts with out an “outside impulse”…

But that’s not because we have stoped caring for eachother. It’s just that the modern way of life doesn’t give us time to think such things any more. We have setup other priorities… It seems that our life has become easier nowadays, but that’s not true!!! We have to go all that struggle for survival, only now it is more difficult than it seems…

I still have hopes for mankind… If we had stoped caring, we would have pressed that button and “nuke” the whole planet, a long time ago…