mother nature


I was waiting to keep this thing in the shadows but I have “blender’s block.” I can’t think what to do for the background. It currently is using all in-blender stuff except for the texture for the tree trunk. This means all the other textures are all in blender. The plant-face is done, so don’t critique it. It is supposed to look more fantasy-like rather than photorealistic

I did not use yafray, gimp, any type of plant generator, fluid simulation or any nodes for this and I intend not to.

rendered with AO. Blender Internal


Nice work, I’m assuming you challenged yourself to make all the textures in Blender? I thought that they were external textures before I read your message. :slight_smile:

If you’re tired of making the plants you could make a city scene in the background as a contrast.

Babracadabra: yah, done the good ol’ fashion way. the waterfall is supposed to symbolize tears but I don’t know how many people will catch that. a city scene would be nice.

or you can just keep up with the whole nature thing and make a forest.

Looks pretty good. about the waterfall symbolizing tears; i really don’t see anything that leads the viewer into that symbolism. But its a WIP so you probably haven’t gotten around to that yet. :smiley: