Mother of pearl (Npr short film)

Hi, I wanted to share my first attempt at npr animation, rendered in eevee. It’s a bittersweet, modern fairytale about a man, his loneliness and the richness of memory and lost desires.
I have to thank @lehuan5062 who helped me a great deal with creating npr procedural materials and giving me important and stimulating ideas and inputs, making me get out of my comfort zone (which is quite limited lol) a lot more that I originally thought.


Amazing work Irene! I love some scene. Can you share some info about the workflow? I’m extremely interested about the shaders and the final render.
I suggest you to change the preview image of the topic. The third one is more interesting for me.

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The images are fascinating, but I fail to understand the story.

Thank you! The workflow is quite messy: the most important objects in the scenes have npr materials, ranging from cell shaders or even just an rbg node plugged in the surface node, while background objects have a simple diffuse shader (this is for compositing reasons); most work is done within the compositor, with looping textures influenced and masked by passes (diffuse direct, shadow, normal, etc).
Thank you also for your suggestion, I’m changing it right now!

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Thank you for your comment. Yes, I know it’s quite surreal, it’s basically a fever dream about desires and regret, which live inside the pearls that fall from the back of the man’s head.

Very impressive. I particularly like the fact that there’s nothing “digital” about the look, which is very ethereal and poetic, and appropriate to the story. Reminds me of 1970s indie animations - especially the looping textures and simple motion.