Motherboard Skull (#PCMASTERRACE ;P)

This took ages to render. Feel free to use as an android wallpaper!

Desktop wallpaper version:

Epic work! Whats the material setup you used for the skull? Looks like a glossy, diffuse mix with a bit of subsurface scattering, or is that glass?

Thank you! It basically just glossy/diffuse with a fresnel transparency. Also a little bit of post pro helped it. The white has a different glossy/diffuse material. Also a tiny bit of a dirt map but it isn’t doing much, along with a bump map for the white.

Full node setup:

Just the green material:

wow, it looks cool~~ ^^ thanks for the sharing ya. ^^Hey,recently i just found an android wallpaper free download website.Lets have a look !! ^^

Thanks! This is pretty old now… You must’ve been way back in the Finished Projects… Thanks though!

I don’t remember seeing this, glad it was brought back up to the top! Looks awesome, I really like the modeling and especially the material you’ve given it. Simple but pleasing.

Thank you!