Mothership Remake (Sci-Fi FPS, maybe RPG, all help needed!!!)

So I finished a game a while back but it was bugged and no one here could help. So I’m gonna make a new and better version. Better graphics, gameplay, and maybe a story line. But I need you help.

The basic idea is a small starting ship with a main weapon and a small amount of autoturret build spots. It is possible to gain autoturret, secondary weapon, and special ability build spots. You gain money from killing enemies. You also gain xp to level up. Higher levels ca get bigger ships, or just supercharge thier small ship. You can get bigger main weapons, more build spots, a better hull, new tech, and for bigger ships fighter bays. All this will be in a modular build style

I need any and all help. First and most importantly, however, I need graphic designers. I could also use some modellers. I can reuse a lot of the scripts from the old game but the modular build system will need some fancy scripting. I can probably handle it but any ideas or scripting help is welcome. Also I want to avoid the library linking errors of the last project. I anyone has a way to make sure library linking wont screw up this time, it would be greatly appreciated.

I want to start the project next week so if you want to help please post here. Everyone on the team will get credit. I will try this game in 2.6 so I will need your support. I still dont think its completely stable for game making so I will need some help with workarounds. We will be using dropbox I think so everyone in the project can have access to the project. Thanks in advance!!!

I want to begin work on some of the environment. I need a space texture that can be mapped to a uv sphere. Something like a skydome but both sides. If someone could design it or find one that would be very helpful.

Sorry to bump but I want to give this one last shot to get some help.

I could make you a sky-box(space-box) if you want. The advantage over a sky-dome being less faces to render.

Sorry for the late reply. Yes it would be great if you could make a high quality space box.
I need several actually but the first one I need is one over earth. I want to make it look like the player is in orbit over earth.
We can work on the others later.

Update: the scripting for the build system is coming along nicely. I have a system that uses the global dictionary in a dynamic way.
In other words, there will be no limit on expansion. You could have 50 engines if you had that many engine build spots, and the ship carries over until you change it.

Still need a texture designer. The game is coming along better than expected and its going to be great so hop on if you can.

i won’t be able to help fulltime
but i could help with some small itsand pieces on this game
i primarily model but i can also do some texturing

Post what you did with the game and folks might be more enthusuastic.

Outline your plans in more detail

Show you’re committed and folks might make a commitment too. Don’t think folks are going to put in more effort than you are.

Ok, slower progress as I am wrapping up an old project but that’s pretty much done now so back to work on this.
As promised, here is a screenshot of the starting ship which also happens to be my test ship.

Still working out some of the scripting. After that is done, we can get to work on general content.

Build system is scripted and debugged (I think). Travel system (between game levels) is about half way done. After that I will make a vendor system.

By the way, I have found a great program for making space skyboxes called Spacescape. For anyone who’s interested:

I’m glad you’re still working on this. I’m following this now…

I too am following - there’s some motivation. :slight_smile:

Hello Bradley,

To be honest I do not have any experience with moddeling or graphicsdesigners. But I do a talent for music. Maybe not directly the music for games. But i want to learn myself a new aspect after 11 years of electronic dance music.

You want to make a combination of: ‘Darkstar One’ & ‘Eve online’ with some PVP aspects from ‘Homeworld’ if I am not mistaken.

I like the concept. I had the same idea, and maybe we will be valuable for each other.

Could you sent me a pm via blender, so I have you contact adress. (Like skype or MSN?)

Best regards,

Travel system done. A simple purchasing system done (will be upgraded later). HUD is in progress.
I was going to upload a video of some game-play but my capturing software is being stubborn.
Hopefully I can get something up soon.

Saroniya has agreed to assist with some soundtrack creation. I can’t wait to see what comes out.

Thanks for your support everyone!