Hi all this is the idea of ​​a Mothership.
modeled in Blender 2.7 (Cycles render)

hope you like


very cool design :cool:

I like the ship, however the lighting could use some work, as right now, the ship doesn’t blend into the background.

Nice. It looks like a much nicer Amarr ship from EVE.

Wonderful design, but in my opinion the outlines are way to hard. It looks rather like concept art. If you can bring out some good textures and lighting, this would look great!

yea lovely design, but as a scene it need more contrast.

Lighting is different in space–harsh and with few ambient sources. Shadow edges would be crisp and sharp, unless the ship is near a broad light source like a planet. The nebula you see there would be much fainter to the unaided eye, like a gray haze.

thank you very much for the comments …
I will work to improve this scene

I think you captured the “space” feel. I really like it.

Cool concept, great work!

Good job! Reminds of Homeworld, realtime strategy game.

I like it. Nice work.

Steve S

Nice work. like it :slight_smile:

I like it but really makes me think of this