Motion Blender - is it an action mixer? (2.25)

(Abracsis) #1

well, looking at the example files it looks like im not gonna be able to get my character to shoot and run at the same time???

please tell me if the action mixing is relevent to the game engine in any way.

Also i thought mp3 support was available in 2.25!!! grumble. oh well


(saluk) #2

Mp3 support IS available in 2.25. It might be restricted in what format it is, but the first mp3 I tried worked just fine. Try with a different sample rate, and make sure it’s mono or the 3d wont work right.

(Yamyam) #3

I think Blender can’t blend them. Publisher too.

But I duplicated “running” motions with NLA editor and editted them to “running + shot” motions to make in my WIP. this way has some probrem, but works fine.