Motion Blur Actuator

Motion Blur Actuator Was Completed :slight_smile:
here an image:

WOW , … where can i DLD a blender with this feature ?

Hey nice, it would be nice to not have to program to use that.

i’ll make a patch asap, and it will be available in next version if the patch will commited

so work on it and improve it , so they comit it for you ,… the funny thing is we can make shaders and motion blur but we can’t turn of the texture filtiring ( here) … lol …

you can make your texture customize shader with toon shaders available in internet, and use them in bge python

@ zaghaghi: Your previous Motion Blur patch was add to SVN: .

I try use it in SVN build: (, but it doesn’t work. Maybe this is fault by my ATI Radeon 9600 PRO.

Im waiting for Motion Blur Actuator in SVN, is easier to use than Python Script version.

glad to see you made it into an actuator. Too bad it doesn’t work on everybodies graphics cards (hence why my attempts at motion blur didn’t work). There is other ways to accomplish motion blur, that I could try looking into, that will work. It seems that some of the ati cards don’t support glAccum(), which is what this uses.

[edit] by the way, do you still have that diagram for the ge, it has expired

some other peaple report me that motion blur doesn’t work on theirs ATI Radeon 9600/9200, i think that your ati radeon opengl driver does not support Accumulate Buffer wich is available from opengl 1.5.

when you run your blender, see the black window!,that blender write down some information about opengl and python, see that and check your opengl driver version and other opengl features available on your driver.

thanks for making this into an actuator… sweet work!

GE diagram

Congrats, I’m waiting for your patch.


It’s the coolest thing I’ve seen on blender :slight_smile: But I still prefer to use it with python though:P

| 2D Filter / act |
| Motion Blur / | < Will we see anymore “2D Filters” in the future? Bloom,
| D Val: 0.830 | perhaps?

Great work!

yes, sure, i’m working now on making other 2d filters,
the first one i’m working on now is convolution 2d filter, with this filter you can do most of 2d filters, like blur, edge detection, etc, it has a 4x4 convolution matrix.

there is one thing that i insert into this 2d filter is some rendering pass, the rendering pass will be as follow:

1)main rendering
2)convolution 1 - if enabled
3)convolution 2 - if enabled
4)convolution 3 - if enabled

n+1)convolution n - if enabled
n+2)motion blur - if enabled

but please let me know about n??!!
what is the max for n?
it’s important, i set it to 5 now
if n be a large number it affected fps, and if be very small like 2, may be limit my 2d effects.

I guess this means that the Blender Game Engine has a new coder on it’s side.

Which would bring the new total to 4 developers.

I should also try to study up on the source code, and maybe contribute something myself in the near future.

hey thanks for the picture, I found it again anyways, but now its saved. I’m still trying to find a way to get this working on my radeon card, because it is somehow supported. I’ve tried rendering to textures(which half worked), frame buffers (didn’t work at all), but it would be nice if glAccum would work, its so much simpler.

I’m going to have to wait till i get a new card to test this since you said I needs opengl 1.5 and all I have is 1.3 :frowning: Can’t wait though.

Not to slow any of this amazing work down, but what would I do to implement the python patch if I had, say, OSX PPC?

zaghaghi , any new progress ?