Motion Blur for image sequences not vector blur

vector blur only calculates vectors for objects. Shadows and lights are not blurred when they move at all.

I like the motion blur that uses pixel data from the contiguous 5 frames and just blurs it that way.

What I’m wondering is if there’s a way to render out a standard jpeg image sequence and then overlay / composite on a motion blur.

here’s my blend:
It looks like it works when I do this through the compositor / mblur on - but it is not outputting any mblur data - it calculates, but does not output.

if you can get it to render motion blur for an image sequence and actually have something to show for it (like a .avi) then you’re amazing.

comment to developers : thanks for developing blender, can we get mblur data into the compositor?


AFAIK Blender’s MBLUR can’t use an image sequence as a source, you have to actually have an animated scene. The reason is because Blender calculates the MBLUR by doing sub-frame calculations and interpolates the motion between frames (the in-between frames are important). So with an image sequence, you are asking for more information than you provide, since there is no info between 2 particular frames.