motion blur for lightsaber

i have followed the lightsaber tutorial to make a lightsaber and
another tutorial to get films in the background of my animation
and i would like to know of any ways to give the lightsaber motion blur when it moves???


hhmmm… light sabers have a kinda motion ghosting… Maybe try a few layers of the light saber animation in the sequencer, each with lower opacity and nudged back a frame.

Use a vector blur node in the nodes editor along with a vector pass (button for this is located in the renderlayers tab (F10 key, look to the bottom left of the screne).

If you have the lightsaber-light effect as a separate layer, you can get a good “motion” blur effect just by … blurring it, period. You just need to fiddle with it, to find a way to get an effect that looks good to you, and to do it cheaply. Bear in mind (always…) that there are usually several ways to do a “good looking” effect. One of these will be “physically accurate” and will be expensive. Others will be “cheats” that look just as good, especially in short doses.

Sequencer idea is an excellent one. You could just do the vector blur too.

I have a video on my website in the righthand pane of the gallery of a lightsaber swinging around.
let me know if you’d like the .blend for that and I’ll dig it up.

-jason h