Motion blur goes crazy

gasps Loook!! points a bony finger

What’s going on? The motion blur is eating up my shadow. It’s happened to me before, but the whole animation was a piece of crap, so I didn’t care. But this time, I’m is*d. What manner of evil is this?? Why doth mine vector blur favor the shadows so pure? The blur in that area is multiplied. Help. Me. Pleeez?


I may be that the shadow is moving at a different speed then the car is. It depends on where the light source is. If you give me the .blend file, I could do a more thorough analysis on it.


Is that motion blur (MBlur) or vector blur? If it’s motion blur, I don’t know why it’s doing that. If it’s vector blur, it can be caused if you have a large polygon that appears both in front and behind the camera. Is your ground plane just a large quad? Try subdividing it a number of times and see if the problem gets better.

It’s vector blur, not mblur. i am too lazy to render that long. But the subdivision thing worked fine:

I’d answer, but it’s too hard, and I’m too lazy.