Motion Blur issue (interfering with lattice modifier)

Hello !
I’m stuck with a really strange issue :
I’m rendering an animation of really simples models wich are basically 3 cubes.
At one point 2 of them are deformed by 2 lattice modifier.
During the animation of the lattices, the motion blur (which I made really simply by activating it in the render properties pannel) completely bug on one of the cube, over-bluring it to the point it became almost invisible.

Weird things are :
this only append when the strength go from 0 to 1 but when it reach 0 or 1, everything is fine
this only append to one of the cube, even though the two of them are basicaly the same, with the same kind of material, modifier and latice.

Couldn’t find other thread about a similar problem, any idea what it might be ?

I’ve already read messages about some bugs with the motion blur (it left some streaks on the image), I don’t remember how to fix it though, maybe keyframe the value when necessary?

Thanks for the idea, but keyframe the value on each frame don’t change anything, as well as applying the lattice as shapekeys on everyframe. It seems that the problem is linked to the subsurf modifier set as “adaptive subdivision” (I have displacement textures on the cubes), when set as normal it fix the bug (but the result don’t look the same obviously). I could use that as a quick fix (I need to render that project quite soon :slight_smile: ). Or maybe render without blur and try to apply something on post processing after ?

I solved the problem so I post it in case someone has the same : In object properties there’s a motion blur option where you can deactivate the blur for the deformation of the object. It solve the problem for me (of course you will only have the blur for the movement but in my case it dont make a difference)

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