Motion Blur Plug-in?

Does anybody know if there is a motion blur plug-in, that doesn’t rely on rendering and re-rendering a frame to do the effect? Or if there isn’t one, is it possible to make one?

I think VirtualDub has one.

not quite what meant. I’m talking like a sequence plugin(in blender) that does motion blur per pixel rather than having to rerender a frame

Lack of answers probably answers the question. :slight_smile: I’ve never seen one, fwiw, but it would likely be possible to put together a python script if you’re so inclined. Possibly. Try the scripts forum on this board perhaps?

I’ve wondered since the morphing craze of the early 90’s why 3D animation programs couldn’t use that technology to create blurs FAST.

The control points for the morph are already defined. But instead of generating an animated morph you’d generate the inbetween blur, with softened ends.