Motion Blur Problem

I’m working on a little conceptual project right now, and the motion blur seems to be having issues. It looks like when it’s sampling that the additional frames don’t always have things in the correct place, so I’m getting missing objects and that funky overlapping meshing thing sometimes. I didn’t find anything else on the forums about this (if it’s there, I apologize), so I’m wondering if i’m just doing something terribly wrong. Any ideas are much appreciated.

Here is the blend file:

Cube Path Follow.blend (564 KB)

And here is a rendered example of what I’m getting.

My system is a 27" iMac - i7 2.93, 16gb ram, OSX 10.6.7

Blender r36339M

Because you’re using “sampled” motion blur, it’s calculating sub-frames, and hence is capturing the movement of your offset blocks spinning back around the entire thing to reset themselves (I’m referring to your sets of keyframes that are one frame apart – I like how you arrange that, by the way; it has an After Effects kind of feel to it). So frame 11 and 12 might look just dandy, but frame 11.25, 11.50, and 11.75 aren’t so hot.

That reset could be avoided if the circle path looped around twice.

Best wishes,

Brilliant! That makes perfect sense.

It’s funny you mention After Effects, it’s one of the primary pieces of software I use at work. I guess whichever workflow you get used to first follows you around like a puppy. :wink:

Thanks a ton!

Thanks for the simple fix! It’s really hard to show conceptual ideas to people when there are strange things distracting from the content.