Motion Blur Really Slow On Deforming Mesh

Hi guys,

I have a heavy scene that takes 10 Gigs to render and about 10 hours per frame. When I turn on Motion blur and depth of field, my render time shoots up to 100 hours. I don’t think this is normal, or is this normal? Just seems like motion blur and depth of field shouldn’t slow it down so dramatically. This is with Blender 2.79. Any ideas?

The performance panel should have a field labeled BVH Time Steps, set it to a value of 2 or 3 (the rendertime should speed up dramatically at the cost of somewhat higher memory use).

Thanks, it looks like BVH Time Steps is related to Hair BVH? I don’t have any hair on my characters, but I also see BVH Spatial Splits, which seems to fit my problem. I will test both. Thanks for the pointer.

Deformation motion blur isn’t performing very well in Cycles. I’m working on integrating Embree (CPU only) into Cycles for just that reason and am seen up to 10x faster renders.

That would be great. Is that something that will eventually work in conjunction with GPU. Trying to see if I want to invest in a gpu farm vs a cpu farm.

I don’t have a timeline for GPU support yet, but please don’t make major purchase decisions on a single, unreleased feature.