Motion Blur Script for Blender VSE

Motion Blur Script for Blender VSE



Thank you for your work! Something like this could be very useful for basic motion graphics. But I can’t seem to figure out if it works or not for that intended purpose.

I have added a white color strip, and then applied a transform script to scale it down to create a white box on a black background. (Should be able to see the results of the plugin easily with this kind of setup). The Motion Blur plugin is activated and I see the options for it in options drawer on the right side of my VSE editor. But changing the options doesn’t seem to effect anything, I hit f12 to see if it only shows up in the final rendered frame, but with no result. I am not sure how to use plugin, since there is no documentation, and I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

Does this plugin only work with video or frame sequences? Any information would be useful. Thanks in advance for your reply.

same as lachoneus. How does it work? Any tut available?
THX in advance.


select video strip and click the motion blur button.


THX! Your script only works with vidoe files not with image Seq!
->Script is great!!
Is it possible to make it work directly with img seq?

cheers dave

Interesting. Is this an echo effect, are you stacking duplicate strips or reading the frames into a buffer?

Is here somebody who is able to fix this addon for version 2.77 ?
Thank you for help.

What I remember addon does a blur by automating process of offseting several strips with right type and amount of blending.

I’ve PMed you vklidu but Carlos Radial has his eco effect bundled into the Kinoraw tools addon for VSE extension tools. to enable eco effect set your strip to metastrip and activate eco in strip properties.

Thank you for help. And great collection of tools.

I did a test, and the main problem with ECO (and addon in this thread) is that minimum offset is one frame.
That’s not enough for Blur illusion.

For that effect subframes are needed I think.
I tried to add speed strip to slow down video, generate eco, and speed this metastrip back, but since effect is calculated from the same amount of frames the result is almost the same - no effect (probably worse).

I don’t know how author got to such a nice result.
I can imagine that with slow-motion video that is speedup after all.
(That is probably what he meant “4x Faster”.)

Note: strange - after kinoraw installation, DragonLe’s addon works for me …

If you don’t want to rerender more frames consider doing optical flow slow motion effect in another app.

Slow Motion with Optical Flow - do you have any specific recommendation?
I tried Motion5 - it generates blended frame in between two original, but these original frames are let as they were (sharp).
It means when I will go back to normal speed there is not going to be any effect.

Probably if I move the slow-motion anim to one frame back, than normal speed would consist from the blurred one.
But at the end what I see in Motion5 there is only one frame transiting from one to another by morphing some middle shape and changing opacity or so. Result - very far from motion blur.

Maybe I ned to use another app?

Optical flow technology analyses vectors between frames and generates a unique in-between frame. So there should be NO mixing frames. Only drawback is poor estimation of object movement along edge of screen and some occlusions in frame. Some modern NLEs have it but I don’t recall if Motion (version?) does?

I wanted to try this script out but the Dropbox link seems to be down :frowning:

script updated with img seq support.

New Version.

Thank you very much

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