Motion Blur support for GE (patch)

I was browsing the patches available for Blender and found this . That might be useful for you GE guys. Just thought to share.

Looks awesome, so how long till it’s fully implented?

how do I install the patch?

does it need some powerfull graphics card ?

Woah, never expected this in the GE. A nice thing to have, it’ll allow smoother looking movement in games.

I wonder what it will do to the frame rate in complex scenes


the motion blur implemented fully as i wish to be, but if you think that it needs some works, please reply here.

How to use this feature?

you can enable motion blur in any python controller by this code

import Rasterizer

the only parameter is a float in range[0,1], that affected in times that a frame blur remain on screen.
or disable it

import Rasterizer

i make the patch over revision # 12135,
you can apply it on that revision. then compile.

if any one can compile it on another operating systems, please reply,
I test it under Windows Vista, and Compile it with Visual Studio 2005 SP1

I don’t think so, because i use glAccum function to do this

thanks BeBraw for creating thread,
did you see these pictures(thanks Social for FPS_Template),

So if understand weel it don’t need any shader support or anything ?

Really cool !

if you look at “Simple Motion Blur in OpenGL” slides authored by Hummel Felix and Jenisch Alexander ( there are 3 different way for motion blur that i use the last one:
• Trail modelling,
• Vertex shader,
• Accumulation buffer.

So, if I understand correctly, you have to compile Blender with the patch somehow? I’m not smart enough to do that yet, but I admire your work and interest in BGE. I’d love to see this in action with my games (I bet many of us would). Also, I’d like to see this in the precompiled version of Blender.

PS: Does it beat-up on the framerates?

you can download BlendPlayer without dlls from
and test it.

as you know with motion blur render sequence goes longer so its existence will affected in framerate.

PS: uploaded file deleted after 14 days with file host.

The images look pretty good, I could see this in racing games to give a sense of speed.

that looks very cool… is there anyway of getting this into the next version of blender?

yes, if the blender team apply patch, it could be available on next version of blender.

Hi all,
i added the windows executable blendplayer in patch page

you can download it and test it.

Like I said it looks pretty good, anyway you could do further improvements, like a better culling system where non visible faces aren’t rendered?

dude, that is awesome. You beat me to it, I was trying to do that with glAccum, but I wasn’t exactly sure where to use it, would you mind giving me a pm with a few details if it is not too extremely hard