Motion Blur

Does eevee have motion blur yet? I know you can blur the motion of the camera during an animation but what about when the camera is locked down and objects are moving in the scene? If so, can someone please explain?

Don’t really know but this says so:

Yes… well sort of. There is an free add-on for it and it does a really good job.
This will increase your render times which can be significant if you chose a lot of samples. It also allows for adaptive sampling.

OK thank you

New patch is in the works Task D7297

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Awesome! I saw the Blender Live episode today and was blown away to hear that EEVEE motion blur is almost here.

@myway880 As for a patch, this mean I’ll have to compile Blender if I want to test it, right?
I have zero experience in compiling so I may have to wait for the fist alpha version with it.


He is rewriting it so it might be a while. Still it’s good he is working on it …

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